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Digimarkkinointi palvelu, joka keskittyy yrityksesi tai brändisi online näkyvyyteen.

OMA online markkinointiassistentti

What we offer?

For who?


OMA helps both, in small and big things.

Website design

Kotisivu on online käyntikorttisi, joka viestii potentiaaliselle asiakkaallesi yrityksestäsi ja sen palveluista.

Digital marketing

Liikennettä, liidejä, konversioita…mitä vielä? Jos haluat saada yrityksellesi lisää buustia, olet oikeassa osoitteessa!

Social media marketing

Olisiko nyt oikea aika ottaa somen maailma haltuun? Tai kenties, tarvitset jonkun hoitamaan somen puolestasi?

Brand concept

OMA:lla intohimona on suunnitella brändikonspeteja, jotka erottuvat, vetoavat, ja painuvat mieleen


OMA helps both, in small and big things.

Website design

Website is an essential part of your company and brand. The website is your online business card communicating your potential customers about your company and its services. When OMA designs websites, the visuality, functionality, and efficiency of the website are essential.
OMA will design you a website that catches attention.

Digital marketing

Traffic, leads, conversions...what more? If you want to boost your company, you're came to the right place!
We offer e.g.:
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads

Brand concept

You've probably heard the following sentence: "nowadays people don't buy products, they buy brands". Your brand has a significant role in making sales. Brand is like the soul of your company.
OMA's passion is to design brand concepts that stand out, appeal, and stick in the mind.

Social media marketing

Are you considering that now is the time to transfer your company from the offline world to the online world? Or even more preciously to the world of social media? Or perhaps you have your hands full of your company's core functions and need someone to take care of your social media? You can outsource your social media to us.
Social media helps your company find new clients and create a strong and recognizable brand for your company.

Social media is suitable for both small and large companies and everyone in between.


Olipa kyseessä nettisivujen suunnittelu tai markkinointistrategia, online markkinointiassistentti pyrkii tarjoamaan korkeinta laatua, modernia designia, sekä seuraamaan uusimpia trendejä.

OMA offers diverse digital marketing services
Focus is to on create a service customized just for you..

What's next?


Contact us, and we'll see what OMA can do for you. Contacting does not bind you to anything yet!
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After contacting OMA will evaluate, what would work for you.



When we have a better understanding of your needs, we'll send you an offer. The offer contains neither more nor less, but exactly what you need.


Did we reach an agreement? Amazing! We'll start cooperation. OMA strives for good communication. We'll keep you updated on every stage of the cooperation, so you'll know where are we at.

OMA on täällä, jotta sinä voit ottaa rennosti. 

We'll take care of your company's website, online marketing, and social media, while you can focus on the core functionalities of your company. At the same time, you can watch from the side how your company conquers the internet world.

You're one click away from your online visibility!

Contact us and let's talk.

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