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Social media visibility is important

Nowadays, social media visibility is important for most companies. It increases trust in the company and enables it to reach new customers.
From the consumer's point of view, social media is a tool to search for the right service or product provider. For example, Instagram is used as a search engine to search for a suitable brand. As a company, you want to be findable when potential clients are searching for you.


Social media management strategically. OMA updates social media for you. It's understandable if it's too much for you as an entrepreneur in addition to all the other work, to take over social media. Social media's purpose is to increase customers, not stress ;). Outsource your social media to OMA. We take over your social media and take care of the socialization for you, however, in such a way that the values of your company and brand come to the fore. Outsource social media to OMA, and focus on your company's core operations.

OMA manages the following social media channels: Instagram+Facebook, Linkedin, Tiktok, and Pinterest. When choosing social media channels, your target group is the focus. Who is your target group and where do they hang out? Read more about choosing the right social media channels here.

Social media marketing is paid advertising on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Linkedin. The advantage of social media advertising is effective targeting possibilities. Social media advertising is suitable, for example, when you want to reach new customers who are not yet familiar with your company's offerings. You can read more about paid social media advertising here

Do you already have Instagram, but something is not right? No ideas what to post, or feel like Instagram isn't bringing any results? How would a ready-made content plan sound to you? OMA creates a content plan for 30 days, based on which you can create content for Instagram. Social media is a pretty saturated place these days, so posting without a plan rarely brings results. That's why a content plan is worthwhile. We design content ideas and storytelling that suit you. Note! Does not include ready-made text for posts. This suits e.g. a busy entrepreneur who wants to manage social media by themselves but don't have time to such sophistications. The 30-day content plan can be purchased once or repeatedly. Katso hinnat here.

If necessary, we create content for different social media channels. The purpose of content production is to create added value. Often, we see social media accounts where the content is focused solely on sales and promoting a product or service. In the beginning, it may be necessary when the product or service is just introduced, but over time it becomes boring. Think for yourself; we usually use social media in the morning, at lunch, after work, or in the evening. You've come home from work and you decide to check out Instagram to get your brain out for a while. You open Instagram and first thing you see that a brand you follow has updated its stories. You also remember at the same moment that this particular brand is constantly trying to sell you something on Instagram. What are you going to do? You want to skip the stories, or you end up looking at them very quickly while browsing. One day you will get enough and unfollow them. Of course, the content should be selling, but it doesn't always have to be, so straightforward and "dry". In fact, the content produced should be either 1. selling, 2. inspiring, 3. entertaining 4.Educative. OMA creates well-thought-out engaging and value-adding content for your company's social media channels. This way you get a loyal and committed following that will increase your company's sales.

Copywriting, on the other hand, is a selling or call-to-action text that is strategically planned and utilizes psychology. Copywriting, as well as content production as a whole, requires a lot of background work. The goal of copywriting can be anything, for example increased contacts, newsletter subscription, sales. 

Social media kickstarter is a 3-months package where we help you get started with social media. After three months, you will be able to use social media independently and get results. We help you choose the right channels, we give you instructions with the posts, we plan the strategy, and we help you with the content and other questions. The goal is that after three months you can continue on your own. 

The price for kickstart your social media -package is 1200€ + VAT 

Social media management

Strategy only 499,- (one time)

You just need a strategy, the rest you handle yourself ;).

  • Alkukeskustelu, jotta saamme idean tarpeistasi ja suunnitelma luonti
  • Drafting and delivery of the strategy.
  • Explanation of the strategy.

Visit card 349,-/month

Social media as a business card. You don't need to grow or sell, but you want to be visible when your potential customers are looking for you. 

  • 1 post a week
  • 1 story a week
  • Management of max. 2 accounts e.g. Instagram and Facebook. (Additional account is charged 119,- per account).
  • Monthly 5-10 min consultation on results

Seeking visibility 449,-/month

You are present on social media, but you are not aiming for rapid growth. 

  • 2 posts a week
  • 2 stories a week
  • 30 min of interaction per week to promote growth
  • 15 min per viikko community management
  • Management of max. 2 accounts e.g. Instagram and Facebook. (Additional account is charged 129,- per account).
  • Monthly 15 min consultation about the results.

Growth oriented 649,-/month

(Most picked one)

You want to be visible and grow your account. The goal is to connect with your followers and get committed followers, some of whom will convert into customers. 

  • 3 posts a week 
  • 3 stories a week
  • 60 min of interaction per week to promote growth
  • 30 min a week community management
  • Management of max. 2 accounts e.g. Instagram and Facebook. (Additional account is charged 139,- per account).
  • Monthly raport
  • Kuukausittainen 15-30 min konsultaatio tai 1 tunti  kerran vuosineljänneksessä

Super social

(best choice)

Growth, visibility, and communication. You want to be seen and grow your account a lot. The goal is to arouse the interest of large groups, bind more people to your account, and increase sales.

  • 3-4 posts a week
  • 5 stories a week
  • 75 min of interaction per week to promote growth
  • 30 min a week community management
  • Management of max. 2 accounts e.g. Instagram and Facebook. (Additional account is charged 149,- per account).
  • Monthly raport
  • Monthly 30 min consultation about the results.

If you did not find a suitable package, contact us, and we will tailor a suitable package for you!

30 days content plan for Instagram

An active social media user, catches the worm;)


  • 1 post idea a week
  • Storytelling for stories 2 days a week 
  • 1 reels idea 



  • 2 post ideas a week
  • Storytelling for stories 3 days a week
  • 2 reels ideas 



  • 2-3 post ideas a week
  • Storytelling for every weekday
  • 4 reels ideas


Storyt includes storytelling designed for Instagram stories and can be divided into 3-7 stories. You can think of Instagram stories as mini series. A series becomes significantly better if it has a plot, doesn't it? When the plot is already planned for the stories, the importance of the story also increases. This in turn increases the interest of your audience. 

If you did not find a suitable package, contact us, and we will tailor a suitable package for you!

Information about cooperation

 About our practices and how we operate. If we start cooperation, you accept the policies mentioned below.

  • For the first month, we charge a starting fee of 499,- (strategy). This is applies to social media management. 
  • We bill every 4 weeks. Social media strategy is a one-time payment 
  • Prices do not include VAT, i.e. VAT is added to all mentioned prices VAT 24%.
  • Social media management does not include content creation, i.e. the customer must provide the content. 
  • If you do not deliver the content on time as agreed, and because of this we are unable to do our work, we are entitled to charge you the full price. 
  • If you also need content, we can produce content for you for an additional fee. 
  • Muista aiheutuneista töistä, jotka ovat sopimuksemme ulkopuolella, veloitetaan 55€/tunti.
  • Consultations are remote. 
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