Internship at

Online  Merchandising

I had a wonderful opportunity to join the online merchandising team at Na-kd to do my internship. The internship duration was 3 months, and I gained great experience. In addition to the online merchandising department, I got to see also other departments such as photo studio, styling, fashion art direction, and a little bit of buying department as well.
The internship at a multinational fashion company required skill and ability to work in a dynamic environment. More detailed information regarding the internship and my tasks are written on this page. So if you are curious about it, keep reading!

1st Month

The 1st month was an introduction month. I started with basic tasks on which to build later on. First, I was introduced to the program they worked with (InRiver). Then, I was taught; how to online merchandise a product such as adding it to the system, adding the right tags to it, and writing product descriptions. After I was confident with the basics, I was taught to create shop-the-looks, which is an after-sales function for fashion e-commerce. In addition, I did category and color filtering. 

2nd Month

By the 2nd month, I felt confident with the program (InRiver) that we worked with.  I learned to create season-related campaign pages to boost sales by tagging suitable products to the campaign. I also worked a lot with influencer collections since my mentor was responsible for them. I got to spend one day at the photo studio as well. 

3rd Month

During my 3rd month at Na-kd, I felt like a master of STLs and product descriptions. I started to quality-check pictures and videos, and upload them to the website. I got to launch an influencer collection on the website as well.
In addition, I started to work on my end presentation. The aim of the presentation was to analyze how re-shoots affected sales of the item. I learned that pictures have a big effect on the sales of the item. For example how the item is presented in the pictures, is it clearly visible and clearly stated what is being aimed to be sold, the quality of the image and so on. I was also analyzing whether social pictures sold better than traditional photo studio pictures. 
What is more, I also got to be a fashion art director for a moment as my goodbye project. The idea was that I direct a small shoot, and I could use it for my portfolio.  More about the project can be seen here.


By the end of the internship I had a clear understanding of the responsibilities of online merchandiser. I had a comprehensive learning experience about the studio work flow when the samples arrived from buying to studio from styling, to taking the pictures, to photo editing, and finally online merchandising. I also learned how photos and styling affect sales as well as just basic things as how to handle your work, answering emails, and communicating with colleagues. It was a valuable experience to be part of this multinational e-commerce fashion company.

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