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Kompetentti Oy is a home renovation company. It depended on being a member of a project website that was their client source. Kompetentti wanted to be less dependent on the website and have an easier flow of customers where the customer acquisition was less time and energy-consuming. 
Kompetentti was also in the need of a new website. 


We decided to tackle the needs of Kompetentti by creating a new modern website. After the website was ready, we started working on a marketing strategy in Google Ads.


First of all, we started with the website. I created a new 5-page mobile-optimised website for them. The website includes a home page, about us, our projects, customer feedback, and contact us. Kompetentti is a trustable renovation company that delivers quality work at a reasonable price. The customer satisfaction is at the center of everything. The idea was to deliver these values also through the website. 


After the website was ready and launched. I set up the Google Ads campaign for them. Each service that Kompetentti offers has its own ad such as the floor, kitchen, and bathroom renovation. Each ad has also ad extensions, and the campaign is limited only to the location where Kompetentti operates. The ads are being monitored and optimized continuously to bring the best results. 


In 3 months the company was able to say goodbye to the website they were dependent on at first. They have a constant stream of leads and conversions every week. They are busy with work that they get through Google Ads. In addition, to word of mouth, Google Ads are the only marketing they use. The conversion rates are between 10 to 20 %.
The goal was achieved— a constant stream of new projects with less input of time in the customer acquisition process. 

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